Restore your balance

There are times in life where your body just doesn’t feel right. Thrown out of balance you can feel stressed, stiff, sore, sick or sluggish. While the reason why you are feeling this way may be a mystery to you, your body will often provide you with clues on what is going wrong in other areas of your body.

In your feet, hands and even ears there are reflex points that correspond with your different organs and systems. Reflexology applies pressure on these points, helping your body recover from the stressors of everyday life and release the toxins built up in your system to help you feel like yourself again.

Whole body healing

Reflexology has enormous benefits to your body from inducing a deep state of relaxation to relieving pain, reducing depression and eliminating toxins. It also stimulates the nervous system, boosts circulation, speeds up recovery, gives you a better sleep and increases your energy.

Using reflex points on the feet, hands, and head, combined with dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils that can treat a wide range of ailments from allergies to colds to insomnia, our highly experienced reflexologists focus on muscle groups, bones, nerves, internal organs and glands to help your body repair and function at its best.

Restore the balance

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Want to find out more about your reflex points? Download our free foot reflexology charts for the top, bottom, inner and outer parts of your foot – you will be truly amazed at how much everything in your body is linked!